Case Study



  1. Amplify the online presence
  2. Increase client acquisition
  3. Better client retention


There is an extraordinary challenge to reach and convert clients within the cyber security space. Within the cyber security stratosphere, the audience will usually be among the upper echelon of academics and therefore have limited attention spans for the absorption of information via ads, by their own design. How do you connect with an audience of hyper academic introverts and convert them to clients? How do you retain them?


Brand trust is high value currency in the cyber security market. These types of professionals will respond to curated conversations with influencers who can genuinely exhibit in-depth knowledge of challenges and wins in their space. Partnering with influencers from around the globe, we initiated ongoing conversations regarding real time cyber security breaches and how they should be resolved or should have been prevented. The response was phenomenal. At the end of a one-year period, all of our influences joined together for the ultimate International Hackers Challenge (all white hat of course) to see who, if anyone, could break our newest product. A 6- hour competition with hackers and an audience from around the world (most attended virtually) was nothing short of phenomenal.


The international hackers challenge produces 1000% more marketing Qualified Leads, then any in-person event in company history. The average sales cycle, 6 to 8 months, decreased between 22 to 35%. To date, it is still the least expensive event ever produced by the company.