Case Study



Amplified the online profile of a Magine urban mayor, Cory A. Booker and reimagined the personification of one of the nation’s oldest urban cities and fourth largest port city, Newark New Jersey.


Amplify the mayor’s mission, vision, and goals via online platforms
(Facebook, Twitter, etc.). And create partnerships with major brands and national outlets to re-image a broken and elected city. Those partnerships included BMW, MS communications and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.


Mayor Cory A. Booker is now one of the most notable and engaged politicians in the United States. With an amassed following of over 10 million, He has created a most respected and engaging civic platform. Our partnership with BMW was integral and changing the perception an image of a city plagued with historical decay. The collaboration with an internationally renowned brand to move an old urban city into a green future was unprecedented. Donating a new fleet of green vehicles, for the city’s inspection unit, BMW
played a crucial role to changing the perception of the city, both internally and externally.